EPA Guidance and Tools for Schools

These resources address a broad range of issues that affect children's health in schools, from selecting appropriate locations for schools to maintaining the buildings and grounds. Use them to assess your school's environmental health efforts and implement or improve related programs, policies and procedures.

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EPA and Federal Partners

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National Organizations

  • Environmental Health Legislation Databases Guide by the National Conference of State Legislatures includes summaries of state legislation on topics such as air quality, asbestos, lead, mercury, pesticides, radon, water and more. The database is searchable by keyword, year, state, topic and citation.
  • Information for Schools That Serve Kindergarten Through 12th Grade is offered on the Campus Environmental Resource Center for Higher Education. The website provides materials and tools designed as an environmental compliance assistance resource for principals, facility operators and managers, maintenance staff and environmental professionals, as well as other community stakeholders.
  • Environmental Health is addressed on the Center for Health and Health Care in Schools website, providing links to information on air, water and sanitation safety; biological and chemical safety; and more.

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