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Best Workplace Practices for Automotive Repair and Fleet Maintenance

EPA worked closely with the automotive repair and fleet maintenance sectors to evaluate environmental, technical, and economic best practices for automotive repair and fleet maintenance operations. The information here reflects that effort in the form of fact sheets and case studies.

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Fact sheets on best practices

  • Profit Through Prevention
    This fact sheet is the first in a series highlighting the best environmental practices for automotive repair shops and fleet maintenance facilities. The step-by-step instructions can help you reduce waste, avoid regulatory problems, and save money. 
  • Aqueous Parts Cleaning
    Using solvents creates unnecessary environmental, worker health, and fire liabilities for your shop. With this fact sheet, learn how to minimize costs and liabilities by switching from solvents to aqueous (water-based) solutions. 
  • Case Studies In Aqueous Parts Cleaning
    Each of the shops featured in these case studies successfully switched from solvent to aqueous parts cleaning. These case studies prove that aqueous cleaners are capable of meeting or exceeding the many parts cleaning challenges encountered in a wide variety of automotive repair operations.
  • Aqueous Brake Washers
    Aqueous brake washers perform as effectively as traditional solvent washers, they are better for the environment, and they reduce hazardous waste management costs and liability.
  • Antifreeze Recycling
    Learn why it is important to recycle waste antifreeze and get started recycling your waste antifreeze. 
  • Refillable Spray Bottles
    This fact sheet is designed to help automotive repair shop owners and fleet managers make informed decisions about implementing refillable spray bottles. 
  • Floor Cleanup
    The methods and equipment presented in this fact sheet will help you reduce floor wash water volume and contamination.
  • Oil Water Separators (OWSs)
    This fact sheet discusses the basic operation of OWSs in handling vehicle and floor wash water, and techniques to improve OWS performance and reduce costs and liabilities.

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Additional fact sheets for fleet maintenance

  • Reusable Oil Filters
    Reusable oil filters are an alternative to conventional oil filters and can last up to the life of a vehicle, eliminating the waste stream created by conventional disposable filters.
  • Oil Life Extension
    This fact sheet describes how a testing program can extend engine oil life and thus lower oil consumption, reduce used oil generation, and decrease operating costs with no risk to your vehicles.

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Automotive repair and fleet maintenance pollution prevention case studies

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