Facilities should use RMP*eSubmit for online RMP reporting. RMP*eSubmit improves data quality and to enables you to access your RMP 24 hours day, 7 days a week.

Setting up an RMP*eSubmit account

Important Definitions

  1. Central Data Exchange (CDX) is a secure, on-line location on EPA's network. CDX provides standardized and secure information collection services and infrastructure for EPA program partners. For example, CDX manages several EPA regulatory and monitoring programs, receiving submissions from facilities. Once you set up your RMP*eSubmit account, you will immediately be able to access your RMP through CDX.

  2. Certifiers/Certifying Officials are facility owners or operators who must certify the accuracy and completeness of the information reported in the RMP. They have signed and submitted a one-time Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA) to the EPA. The ESA legally binds the Certifier's electronic submission to their signature. Only Certifiers can submit the RMP.

  3. Preparers have been granted permission by a facility to access the facility's existing RMP. They prepare data for a new or updated RMP. CDX notifies the Certifier when the new or corrected RMP is ready for the Certifier's review and submission. Preparers cannot submit the RMP. Currently a facility can have only one designated Preparer, however an individual Preparer can prepare RMPs for multiple facilities.

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Before you begin you will need

  • Your facility name, location, mailing address, and basic contact information (including e-mail address).

  • Your facility identifier (facility ID#) which can be found in the letter that EPA sent to you acknowledging receipt of your most current RMP.

NOTE: If this is the first time an RMP is being submitted for your facility you do not need a facility ID#.

Step 1: Register the Certifying Official in CDX

  • To use RMP*eSubmit, the Certifying Official must have a CDX account.

  • To register with CDX, please go to the EPA CDX web page, and complete the registration process for a Risk Management Plan "certifying official." (See Users' Manual for RMP*eSubmit for detailed instructions).

  • In order to create a CDX account and/or access the CDX log-in page, please make sure that your Web browser is enabled for TLS 1.0. This can be done by checking the security settings for your Internet browser and making sure that the TLS 1.0 option is selected and enabled. If you need additional assistance, please contact the CDX Help Desk: 1-888-890-1995 or 970-494-5500 (8:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST). The CDX Help Desk can also be reached via e-mail: helpdesk@epacdx.net.

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Step 2: Complete the Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA) and mail it to EPA

The electronic signature is used to verify that the Certifying Official reviewed and submitted the RMP in the RMP*eSubmit system.

  • You will complete the ESA at the time you initially register in CDX, or, if you already had a CDX account, at the time you add RMP*eSubmit access to your CDX account profile.

  • CDX will guide you through the process of completing and submitting your ESA. You will need your facility ID#, unless this is the first time an RMP is being submitted for your facility. If this is a first-time submission, CDX will prompt you to type in the name and address of the facility in place of the facility ID#. You will receive a facility ID# via e-mail after you have signed and submitted your ESA.

  • Sign the ESA and mail it to EPA's RMP Reporting Center. The RMP Reporting Center will review and process the ESA, and send an e-mail to the Certifying Official indicating that the electronic signature has been received and approved.

NOTE: The e-mail will also include a unique authorization code. This authorization code will be used by an RMP "preparer" that you assign to enter data in RMP*eSubmit for your facility. 

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Step 3: Register the "Preparer" and activate RMP*eSubmit access in CDX

  • If the Certifying Official is also the Preparer: log into CDX, add "Preparer" to your profile, and enter your unique authorization code.

  • If the Certifying Official designates someone else as the Preparer, please provide that designee with the authorization code for your facility. Preparers will be required to provide this information when registering and activating their RMP*eSubmit access in CDX.

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Note for New Jersey Facilities

NJ*RMP is additional software you will need for submitting your NJ RMP to New Jersey. For details, please see the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection page. Exit

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Submitting Confidential Business Information (CBI) or Trade Secrets

Facilities submitting CBI and Trade Secrets cannot use RMP*eSubmit at this time. Please contact the RMP Reporting Center for submission options.

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Resubmitting, Correcting, De-registering or Withdrawing an existing RMP

You may resubmit, correct, or withdraw an RMP using RMP*eSubmit.

Facilities submitting Confidential Business Information (CBI) and Trade Secrets cannot use RMP*eSubmit at this time.  Please contact the RMP Reporting Center for submission options.

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