Chemical Accident Prevention Publications

Chemical Safety Alerts

Chemical Safety Alert: Rupture Hazard from Liquid Storage Tanks
Issued: September 2009. The Chemical Safety Board (CSB) completed its investigation into the November 2008 Allied Terminals Fertilizer Tank Collapse. This alert has been updated to reflect information from that investigation and to implement the associated CSB recommendations to EPA.

Chemical Safety Alert: Emergency Isolation for Hazardous Material Fluid Transfer Systems - Application and Limitations of Excess Flow Valves
Revised: June 2007

Joint NIOSH/EPA/EOSA Alert: Preventing Worker Injuries and Deaths from Explosions in Industrial Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Facilities (Revised Edition)
Issued: August 2007

Chemical Safety Alert: Identifying Chemical Reactivity Hazards Preliminary Screening Method
Issued: May 2004

Chemical Safety Alert: Hazards of Delayed Coker Unit (DCU) Operations
Issued: August 2003

Pesticide Alert: Pesticide Safety and Site Security
Issued: October 2001

Chemical Safety Alert: Chemical Accidents from Electric Power Outages
Issued: September 2001

Chemical Safety Alert: Hazards of Ammonia Releases at Ammonia Refrigeration Facilities (Updated)
Issued: August 2001

Chemical Safety Alert: Safe Storage and Handling of Swimming Pool Chemicals
Issued: March 2001

Chemical Safety Alert: First Responders’ Environmental Liability Due To Mass Decontamination Runoff
Issued: July 2000

Chemical Safety Alert: Anhydrous Ammonia Theft
Issued: March 2000

Chemical Accident Prevention: Site Security
Issued: February 2000

Chemical Safety Alert: Use Multiple Data Sources for Safer Emergency Response
Issued: June 1999

Chemical Safety Alert: Shaft Blow-Out Hazard of Check and Butterfly Valves
Issued: September 1997

Chemical Safety Alert: Rupture Hazard of Pressure Vessels
Issued: May 1997

Chemical Safety Alert: Lightning Hazard to Facilities Handling Flammable Substances
Issued: May 1997

Chemical Safety Alert: Catastrophic Failure of Storage Tanks
Issued: May 1997

Chemical Safety Alert: Fire Hazard From Carbon Adsorption Deodorizing Systems
Issued: May 1997

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Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Advisories

Chemical Advisory - Solid Ammonium Nitrate (AN) Storage, Handling and Management
Revised: June 2015

Interim Chemical Accident Prevention Advisory: Design of LPG Installations at Natural Gas Processing Plants
Issued: January 2014

Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Advisory: Hydrogen Fluoride
Issued: June 1993

Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Advisory: Ammonia
Issued: June 1990

Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Advisory: Swimming Pool Chemicals: Chlorine
Issued: June 1990

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Topical Backgrounders

Topical Backgrounder: Chemical Safety in Your Community: EPA's New Risk Management Program

Topical Backgrounder: Evaluating Chemical Hazards in the Community: Using RMP's Offsite Consequence Analysis

Topical Backgrounder: How Safe Am I? Helping Communities Evaluate Chemical Risks

Topical Backgrounder: New Ways to Prevent Chemical Incidents

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Additional Documents

Accident Epidemiology and the RMP Rule: Learning from a Decade of Accident History Data for the U.S. Chemical Industry (PDF) (236 pp, 1.7 MB, About PDF) Exit. A report by the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center describing the major findings from accident epidemiology studies conducted under an EPA-Wharton cooperative agreement. More information is available from the Wharton School Risk Management and Decision Process Center on the Cooperative Study with EPA on Approaches to Reducing Losses from LP-HC Chemical Process Accidents. Exit

Owners, Operators of Stationary Sources Must Comply with Clean Air Act’s "General Duty" Clause

Chemicals in your Community

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