Reviewing New Chemicals under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

Program Contacts and Mailing/Courier Information

Staff Directory

New Chemicals Management Branch

  • Greg Schweer, Chief, 202/564-8469

PMN Prenotice and Exemptions Management Team

The management of pre-notice activities and the risk management of exemption applications.

  • Rebecca Edelstein, Team Leader 202/564-8566
  • David Schutz, 202/564-9262 (prenotice coordinator)
  • Adella Underdown, 202/564-9364 (prenotice coordinator)
  • Christopher Buckley, 202/564-4817
  • Jesse A. Miller, 202/564-2976

Notice and Regulations Management Team #1

The risk management of conventional new chemicals (including PFC substitutes) PMNs.

  • Rose Allison, Team Leader 202/564-8970
  • Jeff Bauer, 202/564-9042
  • Geraldine Hilton, 202/564-8986
  • Virginia Lee, 202/564-0883
  • Monica Miller, 202/564-6473

Notice and Regulations Management Team #2

The risk management of new nanomaterials and microorganisms, coordination with EPA/OAR on Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) chemicals, as well as the development of Significant New Use Rules and other regulations.

  • Ken Moss, Team Leader, 202/564-9232
  • James Alwood, 202/564-8974
  • Tracey Klosterman, 202/564-2209
  • Matt Lloyd, 202/564-6031
  • Hector Malagon, 202/564-0535

e-PMN Software or CDX Registration

Document Tracking System

  • Larona Washington, 202/564-8948
  • Deena Watson-Vann, 202/564-8932

EPA contractor staff members can be reached at 202/564-9026 or 202/564-4519 to answer specific questions, when necessary, about the status of submittals in the pre-Focus period.

Mailing/Courier Information

WARNING - Do not e-mail any Confidential Business Information (CBI) to EPA. EPA's e-mail system is not secured to protect CBI.

General Inquiries and Prenotice Communications

TSCA Hotline

The Toxic Substances Control Act Hotline ( is available to answer general questions about the PMN process or filing a PMN form. The TSCA hotline operates Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern time. Call (202) 554-1404. FAX requests for documents are received every day, at all times, on (202) 554-5603.

U.S. Mail

Office of Pollution Prevention & Toxics
New Chemicals Program (7405M)
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20460


Use the following direct address to send material by courier. (The building guards will need a New Chemicals Program staff contact phone and room number):

Office of Pollution Prevention & Toxics (New Chemicals Program)
EPA East Building, Room 4133
1201 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20004-3302.

Main phone number: 202-564-8469

Fax: 202-564-9490