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Small Systems Webinar: Disinfectant Residuals

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Tuesday 01/31/2017 2:00PM to 3:30PM EST
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The small systems webinar series is providing a forum for EPA to communicate directly with state personnel and other small drinking water systems professionals, which allows EPA to provide training and foster collaboration and dissemination of information.  This, in turn, provides state agencies with the information and resources they need to communicate the latest scientific advancements and current guidance to their small systems. The webinars are also providing EPA with invaluable information from the states on the problems that they are currently encountering in their day-to-day interactions with small systems. This month's webinar topic is disinfectant residuals.

  • Jonathan G. Pressman will review the history of distribution system chlorine monitoring siting, overview the diversity of state regulations/guidance, present a case study demonstrating an evaluation of chlorine monitoring locations in a distribution system, and present residual disinfectant concentration versus coliform/E. coli data from EPA's recently released third Six-Year Review. 
  • Matthew Alexander will describe how to develop a monitoring plan that is representative of the overall distribution system, collect samples to accurately characterize water quality, and understand interferences and limitations of commonly used field methods. 

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