EPA Research

Research Roadmaps

EPA’s six research programs work together to address science challenges that are important for more than one program. Integrating across the six programs is a particular focus for the 2016-2019 plans. ORD puts special emphasis on ensuring that research on cross-cutting issues is coordinated and collaborative.

To accomplish focused and active integration of research on prominent cross-cutting issues, EPA is developing Research Roadmaps that identify ongoing relevant research and also important science gaps that need to be filled. The Roadmaps serve to coordinate research efforts and to inform the strategic planning activities of each of the six programs. 

Current Roadmaps include:

  • Nitrogen and Co-Pollutants
  • Children’s Environmental Health
  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Justice
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  • Nitrogen Research Roadmap (PDF)(96 pp, 4 MB, October 2015)
    The goal of the Nitrogen and Co-pollutant Research Roadmap is to develop a common understanding of the Agency’s nitrogen and co-pollutant management goals; the research program portfolios developed by the ORD National Program Directors (NPDs) in relation to the OW and OAR program offices’ priority research needs; and to identify major focus areas and opportunities for integration across the Agency, research gaps, and future research directions.
  • Children's Environmental Health (CEH) Research Roadmap (PDF)(128 pp, 4 MB, October 2015)
    This roadmap presents ORD’s vision for providing integrated, cutting-edge science on CEH to inform Agency decisions. This roadmap will build stronger bridges to EPA partners and stakeholders who care about CEH issues. Resulting research will provide the science required for EPA actions to promote children’s environmental health and well-being.
  • Climate Change Research Roadmap (PDF)(62 pp, 1 MB, November 2016)
    The Roadmap places climate change science in the six National Research Programs—recent, ongoing, and planned—in the context of this vision, identifying major focus areas, opportunities for integration, and critical research gaps to inform the evolution of ORD’s Strategic Research Action Plans (StRAPs).
  • Environmental Justice Research Roadmap (PDF)(70 pp, 3 MB, December 2016)
    The Environmental Justice Research Roadmap describes the interface between environmental justice and science, and outlines opportunities that exist in the link between environmental equity and technology.