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The Rapid Benefit Indicators (RBI) Approach: A Process for Assessing the Social Benefits of Ecological Restoration

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Wednesday 01/25/2017 2:00PM to 3:00PM EST
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EPA's Office of Research and Development is hosting monthly webinars to share information on its Safe and Sustainable Water Resources Research Program. Through innovative science and engineering, EPA’s scientists and engineers are developing cost-effective, sustainable solutions to 21st century complex water issues. These solutions will help ensure that clean and adequate supplies of water are available to support human health and resilient aquatic ecosystems, now and into the future. 

This month's webinar topic is about the rapid benefit indicators approach and will present an easy-to-use process for assessing restoration sites using non-monetary benefit indicators. The RBI approach uses readily-available data to estimate and quantify benefits to people around an ecological restoration site. Whether you are a federal, state, or local manager, or a member of an interest group or funding organization, this simple yet powerful site analysis will allow you and your stakeholders to systematically and equitably incorporate social benefits in restoration decisions.

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