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Tools Purpose Who Should Use It
CANARY Event Detection Software This tool works in conjunction with water quality sensors to detect hazardous contaminants, or abnormal water quality conditions, in drinking water. Water quality managers
EnviroAtlas This tool incorporates geospatial data, maps, research, and analysis on the relationships between nature, people, health, and the economy. Use this tool for high quality, science-based information about clean air, clean and plentiful water, natural hazard mitigation, biodiversity conservation, food, fuel, and materials, recreational opportunities, and cultural and aesthetic value. EPA's Regional and Program and Offices, Office of Research and Development researchers, , other government offices, academia, not-for- profit organizations, and the public

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Database Purpose Who Should Use It
MARKAL Energy System Database Use this database to analyze potential energy scenarios within the United States and the impacts these have on air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions.  EPA's Regional and Program Offices and, state programs, Non-governmental organization analysts, and others interested in energy

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