Regulations for Emissions from Vehicles and Engines

Regulations for Smog, Soot, and Other Air Pollution from Non-Electric Motorcycles

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EPA has stringent emission standards for highway motorcycles that have been developed and refined for over thirty years. Motorcycles are regulated under section 202 of the Clean Air Act which calls for EPA to consider the need to achieve equivalent emission reductions from both motorcycles and other vehicles as much as possible.

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List of Related Regulations

Below is a list of all regulations related to GHG emissions from passenger cars and trucks. 


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Regulation Title Regulation Date
Final Rule for Standards for Emissions From Natural Gas-Fueled, and Liquefied Petroleum Gas-Fueled Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Engines, and Certification Procedures for Aftermarket Conversions 1994/09
Final Rule for Control of Air Pollution From Motor Vehicles and New Motor Vehicle Engines; Increase of the Vehicle Mass for 3-Wheeled Motorcycles 1998/03
Amendments Related to Tier 3 Motor Vehicle Emission and Fuel Standards, Nonroad Engine and Equipment Programs, and MARPOL Annex VI Implementation 2015/05
Final Rule for Control of Emissions From Highway Motorcycles 2004/01

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