Regulations for Emissions from Vehicles and Engines

Regulations for Emissions from Locomotives

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In March 2008, EPA finalized a three part program that dramatically reduces emissions from diesel locomotives of all types -- line-haul, switch, and passenger rail. The rule cuts PM emissions from these engines by as much as 90 percent and NOx emissions by as much as 80 percent when fully implemented. The standards are based on the application of high-efficiency catalytic aftertreatment technology for freshly manufactured engines built in 2015 and later.

EPA standards also apply for existing locomotives when they are remanufactured. Requirements are also in place to reduce idling for new and remanufactured locomotives.

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List of Related Regulations

Below is a list of all regulations related to emissions from locomotives.


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Regulation Title Regulation Date
Final Rule for Test Procedures for Testing Highway and Nonroad Engines and Omnibus Technical Amendments 2005/07
Final Rule for Regulation of Fuels and Fuel Additives: Modifications to the Transmix Provisions Under the Diesel Sulfur Program 2012/12
Final Rule Republication for Control of Emissions of Air Pollution From Locomotive Engines and Marine Compression-Ignition Engines Less Than 30 Liters per Cylinder 2008/06
Final Rule for Emission Standards for Locomotives and Locomotive Engines 1998/04

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