Region 8

Initial Green Roof Research & Design Information

EPA Region 8 Green Roof Research

Quality Assurance Project Plan - Biological Performance Evaluation (PDF-140kB)

Quality Assurance Project Plan - Urban Heat Island (PDF - 24 pp, 307k)

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Technical Specifications and Design Documents

Design Guidelines and Maintenance Manual for Green Roofs in the Semi-Arid and Arid West (PDF - 59 pp, 1.86MB)

Introduction to the German FLL-Guideline for the Planning, Execution, and Upkeep of Green-Roof Sites (PDF-105kB)

Design Guidelines for Green Roofs - Steven Peck and Monica Kuhn, B.E.S., B. Arch,O.A.A. (PDF-550kB)

EPA Region 8 green roof fact sheet (PDF-142kB)

GreenGrid Specifications Summary for the EPA Region 8 Green Roof (PDF-1640kB)

EPA Region 8 green roof plant selection (PDF-13kB)

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Other Green Roof Studies

A North Carolina Field Study to Evaluate Greenroof Runoff Quantity, Runoff Quality, and Plant Growth - Amy Moran, Dr. Bill Hunt, and Dr. Greg Jennings, North Carolina State University, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering (PDF-413kB)

York University Rooftop Garden Stormwater Quantity and Quality Performance Monitoring Report- Glenn MacMillan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (PDF-567kB)

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EPA Region 8 Green Roof Presentations

Green Roof Research Update - March 12, 2008 - Dr. James Klett, Jennifer Bousselot - Colorado State University (PDF-6,084kB)

Using Green Roofs to Meet Post Construction Runoff Requirements (Nov. 8, 2007) - Provided at the 2007 Advanced Facilities Management and Engineering Conference (PDF-874kB)