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Left Side Bar Menu

The menu items in the blue side bar area to the left remain the same wherever you are on the Region 8 Drinking Water Online website. The items in the left side bar are the major categories of information at this site.

Top Level and Subpage Page Titles

The page title at the top of each page is the major category currently in view, and matches one of the left side-bar menu items. Subpages have both the major category title and the subtitle of the page within that major category.


There are two or three boxes in the top right corner of each page.

The box on the top, Related Topics on this Website, list the other pages within the major category identified by the title at the top page. Where appropriate, other pages or documents directly related are also listed for your convenience.

The box in the middle, EPA Headquarters Information, provides links to EPA Headquarters web pages and documents related to the topic currently presented.

The box at the bottom, Related Topics Elsewhere, provides links to other Federal and external websites that provide useful information related to the topic on the page.

Contact Us

You will be able to contact us by email or locate our call-in telephone number by using the Contact Us link located at the top and bottom of each page. A link to our Contact List of managers and staff of the EPA Region 8 Drinking Water Unit is provided on our home page and through the Contact Us page.

Site Map

The Drinking Water Online Site Map shows you how this website is structured. The Site Map does this by providing a table of contents of all pages and major page sections on this website. You can click on a listed item to be taken directly to that page or page section.

Quick Finder

On the Drinking Water Online home page, you will see a Quick Finder area (near the top of the home page) that will take you to pages or documents in one click, for those times when you may be in a hurry and don't have time to browse. Some items, such as the Boil Water Advisory form, will always be located in the Quick Finder area. We may post other pages or documents in the Quick Finder area temporarily, when they are of seasonal or short-term interest.

Links within a page

You will find links within the text of most pages that will take you to other pages within the Drinking Water Online website, to EPA documents, or to other web pages. You can normally return to the page you started from by using your browser's Back button.


We provide files that you can print or download, as you wish. All of our files are available in PDF format. In some cases, where you may wish to use your computer to fill in the blanks or use imbedded formulae, we also offer the files in MS Word or Excel format.

Drinking Water Watch

You may access data about your public water supply system(s) through the Registration and Log-In link in the left side bar menu, or via the link in the "Related Topics on This Website" box on the Drinking Water Online homepage, and on the Drinking Water Watch page.