Drinking Water Watch

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Drinking Water Watch is a tool that lets you view data we maintain about your water system(s). The information includes:

  • size and type of population served
  • water system facilities, such as wells, intakes, treatment plant, storage tanks, and distribution system
  • treatment used
  • sampling results reported to us,
  • violations, and
  • contact information.

Navigating within Drinking Water Watch is self-explanatory. If you have questions about terms, please click on the Glossary button. Feel free to call for assistance at (303) 312-6287 or contact us by email.

In this version of Drinking Water Watch, we limit access to each system's data to those who work for the water system or who provide technical and program assistance to the system. We do this by requiring you and all users to log in to DWW with unique user names and passwords. You will obtain your user name and password through the registration process. You should have received information about the registration process through the mail. You will need to have an email address to register and it must match the one we have on file for you.

If you have not already registered, you may do so at the registration and account maintenance page. Please click "Non-EPA users only - request a new account" and complete the registration form. You will receive notification of your approved registration by email.

Among many useful features, registered DWW users can generate ChemRad Sample Forms that are intended to aid in the collection of ChemRad samples and the reporting of lab results.  These ChemRad Sample Form Instructions may be helpful to DWW users who wish to create ChemRad Sample Forms for their required monitoring.