Photos of Region 8 Headquarters Building in Denver

Photos of the Region 8

Region 8 building from a block away
Building from a block away on Wynkoop Street
View of exterior of region 8 headquarters, illustrating the exterior panels.
Exterior panels
View of bench in lobby of region 8 headquarters.
Lobby: bottom of the wall feature
View of atrium sails from ground.
Looking up at the sails
exterior view of region 8 headquarters.
Exterior view from street level
View of atrium sails
Looking up at the sails from the atrium
Region 8 headquarter's view of atrium
View through the atrium
View of atrium of ninth floor
Looking down at the atrium from the 9th floor
Closeup view of atrium sails.
Closeup of the sails
View of Denver and the green roof form the roof of the region 8 headquarters.
Green roof and skyline
Region 8 headquarter's roof:solar panels and green roof
Solar panels and green roof
region 8 headquarters green roof with Denver in background.
Close up of green roof
View of region 8 headquarter's solar panels.
Solar panels, another view
View of sinks in region 8 headquarter's bathroom
Sink area in one of the restrooms
Image of a waterless urinal
Waterless urinal
Image of bike facilities at region 8 headquarters.
Bicycle locker in the parking area
Image of wasteless hand dryer in region 8 headquarters.
Hand dryer