Improving Labels to Reduce Pesticide Drift

Label Instructions to Reduce Drift

We work with pesticide manufacturers through our registration and registration review programs to provide more detailed information about factors that significantly affect spray drift. These factors include:

  • Spray droplet size categories.
  • Spray release heights.
  • Minimum and maximum wind speeds.
  • Buffer zones, if necessary.

Adding DRT Instructions to Pesticide Labels

We encourage pesticide registrants to submit applications for including the use of verified drift reduction technologies to their product label use directions. Applications for this label claim must be submitted according to standard requirements and procedures for applications for registration. 

Pesticide registration applicants and registrants can choose to label their products for use with both standard application equipment (non-DRT) and DRT-rated equipment or technologies, thus giving the applicator a choice. In this case, labels would have two sets of application restrictions:

  • One set of restrictions if the product is applied without DRT.¬†
  • Another set of restrictions if the product is applied using a DRT.

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