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Vehicle, engine, and equipment manufacturers are required to design and build their vehicles, engines, and equipment to meet emission standards for the useful life of the vehicle, engine or equipment specified by law. Under the Clean Air Act, EPA can require the manufacturer to recall and fix products if they determine that a substantial number of vehicles, engines, or equipment in a class or category do not meet emission standards in actual use even though they are properly maintained and used. 

Manufacturers are required to report certain defects they find to EPA if they affect emission-related parts. Many times the discovery of these defects leads to voluntary recalls or service campaigns. Manufacturers are also required to report to EPA all emission-related voluntary recalls. Manufacturers may, and often do, initiate recalls without a recall order from EPA as part of a customer satisfaction effort or to preempt an ordered recall from the Agency.

EPA issues periodic compliance reports that include general information on the number of recalls issued. 

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Looking for a Specific Recall?

Please follow the steps below to submit a recall inquiry for a particular vehicle, engine, or piece of equipment.

STEP 1: Determine the category for your recall inquiry.

Recalls are divided into the following two categories:
  • Light-duty cars, trucks, and motorcycles; and
  • All other equipment and heavy duty vehicles.

STEP 2: Compile the information.

The recall category determines the information you should compile.

Light-duty Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles All Other Equipment and Heavy-duty Vehicles

Compile the following information:

  • REQUIRED: Test Group (TG) or engine family name.
    • TG names are for model years 2000 and newer.
    • Engine family names are for model years 1999 and older.
    • The TG or engine family name includes a decimal number, such as 2.0 or 3.4, and can be found on the Vehicle Emissions Label: Locating the Vehicle Emissions Label
  • REQUIRED: Evaporative family (evap family).
    • The evap family is also found on the Vehicle Emissions Label, but (unlike the TG name) does not include a decimal point.
  • REQUIRED: Make, model, and model year of the vehicle.
  • OPTIONAL: Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    The VIN is not required, but can be helpful.

Compile the following information:

  • REQUIRED: Engine family name.
  • REQUIRED: Engine manufacturer.
  • REQUIRED: Model and model year.
    • This information is listed on the Engine Emission Control Information Label.

STEP 3: Submit the information to EPA.

Email the information to:

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