State Authorization Tracking System (StATS)

The State Authorization Tracking System (StATS) is an information management system designed to document the progress of each state and territory in establishing and maintaining Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)-authorized hazardous waste management programs. StATS tracks the status of each state with regard to changes made to the federal hazardous waste regulations. The pages listed below show state authorization and adoption information for RCRA Subtitle C hazardous waste rules. Adoption information is based on data received from EPA regional offices. State authorization and adoption percentages are currently based on the required rules promulgated through RCRA Cluster XXII.

Published federal register notices are the only legal mechanism that EPA grants authorization to the states. If any of the information contained in this database conflicts with information stated in the Federal Register (FR), the FR information will take precedence. We strongly recommend that the regulated community contact their state government office for hazardous waste regulatory information.

StATS Reports as of November 15, 2016:

Note about rule adopted information - EPA is not required to track or evaluate the adoption of state rules until the state submits an official authorization package. The adoption information contained in this database is provided voluntarily by the states to their EPA regional office and is based on the state government opinion that the adopted state rule is analogous to the federal rule. It is only during the authorization process that EPA makes a determination as to the equivalency of the state analogue and confirms that a state has adopted the federal rule. A recorded entry of "not adopted" indicates that the state may or may not have adopted an analogous state rule, but no notice has been given to EPA.