State Indoor Radon Grant (SIRG) Program

SIRG Program Guidance and Handbook

The State and Tribal Indoor Radon Grants Program Guidance and Handbook (January 2005) was developed to assist applicants and grant recipients with the administrative, technical, and programmatic requirements of the SIRG program.

SIRG Match Tool

Try the SIRG Match Tool. The tool allows grant recipients to vary the dollar amount and match percentage to answer "what If" questions about the required match and the size of their radon program.

If you need further information on EPA's SIRG program, please contact SIRG (sirg@epa.gov).

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State and tribal radon programs are critical to the Agency's national goal of minimizing and preventing radon-related lung cancer. States and tribes receive grant funds from EPA that help finance their radon risk reduction programs; recipients must provide a minimum of 40% in matching funds. By law, these State Indoor Radon Grant (SIRG) funds are not available to individuals or homeowners.

Those receiving SIRG funds must:

  1. Align their projects and activities with the Agency's strategic goals
  2. Demonstrate, capture and report results

The Agency's principal strategic goals are to:

  • Build new homes with radon-reducing features where appropriate, by encouraging home builders to voluntarily include these features, and by local governments adopting building codes that require these features;
  • Have existing homes tested and fixed by homeowners when appropriate, and especially by home sellers and buyers during residential real estate transfers;
  • Build new schools with radon-reducing features where appropriate, and to have existing schools tested and fixed when necessary; and
  • Conduct projects and activities that directly support the first three strategic goals (above), including promoting action by:
    • consumers
    • real estate professionals
    • state and local building code officials
    • schools officials
    • non-profit public health organizations
    • professional organizations
    • partnerships

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SIRG Measures, Results Reporting and FY2016 House Report Template

To facilitate achieving its strategic goals, the Agency has outlined its strategic results measures in a template and supporting guidance. SIRG recipients are required to include the template in their annual work plans.

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SIRG Funds Allocated to EPA Regional Offices*

The following table shows how the Agency’s annual SIRG appropriation from Congress is allocated to EPA’s ten Regional offices. The Regional offices then make awards to participating states and tribes within their Region, for contact information see:

The information in this table was last updated on April 14, 2016.

EPA Region 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Region 1
(Boston, MA)
$829,000 $829,000 $698,000 $741,000 $736,143 $733,976
Region 2
(New York, NY)
$724,000 $711,000 $685,000 $725,000 $720,248 $718,020
Region 3
(Philadelphia, PA)
$837,000 $837,000 $747,000 $789,000 $783,826 $781,844
Region 4
(Atlanta, GA)
$1,375,000 $1,375,000 $1,331,000 $1,392,000 $1,382,867 $1,380,194
Region 5
(Chicago, IL)
$1,815,000 $1,815,000 $1,760,000 $1,851,000 $1,838,858 $1,834,940
Region 6
(Dallas, TX)
$407,000 $407,000 $396,000 $419,000 $416,254 $414,856
Region 7
(Kansas City, KS)
$716,000 $716,000 $693,000 $733,000 $728,196 $725,998
Region 8
(Denver, CO)
$586,000 $586,000 $569,000 $604,000 $600,040 $598,350
Region 9
(San Francisco, CA)
$553,000 $553,000 $537,000 $572,000 $568,251 $566,438
Region 10
(Seattle, WA)
$216,000 $216,000 $210,000 $225,000 $223,521 $223,384
Total $8,058,000 $8,045,000 $7,626,000 $8,051,000 $7,998,204 $7,978,000
* Authorized by Sec. 306. Grant Assistance to States for Radon Programs, Title III, Indoor Radon Abatement, Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Exit, as amended, 15 U.S.C. §2661 et seq., P.L. 100-551, October 28, 1988.

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