Find Information about Local Radon Zones and State Contact Information

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EPA Map of Radon Zones including State Radon Information and Contacts

Find local information related to radon, including your state radon program, with contact information, EPA Regional contacts and a state-specific map.

The purpose of this map is to assist national, state and local organizations to target their resources and to implement radon-resistant building codes. This map is not intended to be used to determine if a home in a given zone should be tested for radon. Homes with elevated levels of radon have been found in all three zones. All homes should be tested regardless of geographic location.

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State and Local Radon Programs

  • View a Table Version of EPA Radon Zones by County (Excel)(1 pg, 99 K) .
  • Some states "regulate" or "qualify" providers of radon measurement and mitigation services by requiring registration, certification or licensing; some issue identification cards. Your state can provide you with more information. To date, the following states have some form of radon requirements for radon service providers: CA, DE, FL, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, ME, NE, NJ, OH, PA, RI, VA and WV.

Resources about State and Local Radon Programs

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