Managing the PRIA Fee Fund

This Web page describes how the funds provided by PRIA are used in EPA's pesticide program.

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Will my fee payment pay for all of the EPA work on my application?

No. Fees will cover only a portion of the Agency work on covered pesticide registration activities. The remaining costs are expected to be paid from annual appropriations.

Will the registration service fees be commingled with the annual maintenance fees?

No. The U.S. Treasury has established the Pesticide Registration Fund, which is a separate and distinct fund just for registration service fees.

What happens to funds that are not currently being used to support covered Agency work?

Funds not currently needed will be invested in obligations of the United States or guaranteed by the United States; or in other lawful investments for fiduciary, trust, or public funds.

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What happens to fee revenues that are not used at the end of the year?

Fee collections are "no year" funds. Any unspent dollars will remain in the Fund for use by EPA to support covered activities in future years.

Will my fee payments simply replace current EPA funding and thus not help the Agency to meet the new statutory processing timeframes?

Pesticide Registration Improvement Extension Act (PRIA 3) requires that EPA support covered registration actions with appropriated funds at a specified minimum level. Any reduction of appropriated funds below the specified minimum level would trigger suspension of EPA’s authority to collect PRIA fees.

This provision’s intent was to ensure that PRIA fees would augment rather than replace appropriated funds that support registration actions. However, recent sequestration legislation has temporarily suspended this provision.

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