Exemptions for Federal and State Governments under PRIA

An agency of the federal government or a state government shall be exempt from covered registration service fees. (FIFRA section 33(b)(7)(G))

How to Obtain a Federal or State Fee Exemption

The agency requesting the registration can request that the application be exempted from registration service fees. 

  • Include the request for the fee exemption in the “Explanation” box of Section II on the application form.
  • Submit the request for the exemption:
    • in a letter on the federal or state agency’s official stationery,
    • signed by an official of the agency, and
    • with a subject that states that it is a request for a federal or state exemption from PRIA registration service fees.
  • The federal or state agency’s “company number” on the application form and the letter must be the same.
  • The request should
    • include documentation on the agency,
    • be easily separated from the rest of the application, and
    • be the first item in the application package.
  • Clearly identify the name and address of the agency and an agency contact and an alternate agency contact on the application form and in the letter requesting the exemption.

Documentation that the applicant is a federal or state agency should accompany the exemption request. Documentation could include:

  • A discussion, charter, and organizational chart that
    • demonstrate that the agency is a part of the federal or a state government agency, department, or bureau,
    • and shows its location within the structure of the federal or state government.
  • A letter from their State’s Attorney General stating that the applicant is a state agency.
  • Citation of the appropriate section of legislation establishing the agency if applicable, (provide a copy).
    • Citations or references should be publicly available.
    • Links to a public website may be provided instead of paper documents.

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EPA Review of the Exemption Request

The Office of Pesticide Programs’ PRIA Fee Waiver/Exemption Workgroup reviews exemption requests to determine whether the applicant for the registration has demonstrated that it is a federal or state agency. Generally, exemption requests are reviewed within one week of receipt.

If there are questions, the Workgroup will contact the individual identified in the exemption request or on the application and may request additional documentation. If questions remain and the contact person (or the alternate) cannot be contacted, or the questions cannot be resolved within 21 days of EPA receiving the application, we will deny the exemption request, reject the application, and send an invoice to the agency for 25 percent of the fee, the non-refundable portion of the fee.

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