Automated Email Milestone Tracking for PRIA Actions

PRIA 3 requires us to inform registrant contacts when any of their PRIA submissions reach each of the seven defined tracking milestones. We deployed the PRIA Pesticide Registration Milestone Tracking Email software upgrades December 31, 2013. 

The seven milestones are:

  1. Application receipt date; receipt number assigned.
  2. PRIA category(ies) assigned; waiver decision, if applicable, completed; payment completed; 21-day screen timeframe expired; PRIA start date; PRIA due date; pre-decisional determination due date, if applicable.
  3. Contact information for PM assigned to your application; date data sent into review.
  4. 45/90 technical screen timeframe expired.
  5. Actual last science review completion date.
  6. Pre-decisional determination date reached, if applicable.
  7. Regulatory decision completed.

We have also revised the e-Dossier Builder and OPP’s e-Submission .XML Builder Guidance to insert a field for email address. While this information is optional, registrants must provide it for each submission in order to receive milestone tracking emails.

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