Reporting FY 2016 Results

Programmatic & Financial Reports:EPA issues programmatic and financial performance reports on an annual basis.

FY 2016 Agency Financial Report (AFR): Summarizes EPA’s financial results and presents its audited financial statements. Also includes EPA's FY 2016 Assurance Statement and FY 2016 Financial Statement Audit Report. 

FY 2016 Conference Spending Report - Coming January 2017: Presents information on the number, expense and purpose of conferences costing over $100,000 for the agency and information on activities the agency has taken to reduce conference spending.

FY 2016 Annual Performance Report (APR) - Coming February 2017: Presents detailed performance results, as measured against the targets established in EPA’s FY 2016 Annual Plan and Budget. The Executive Overview section analyzes key performance outcomes and links to FY 2016 program evaluations.

Ensuring Financial and Performance Accountability

EPA’s financial and performance reports satisfy legislative requirements under the:

These pieces of legislation aim to ensure proper stewardship of federal resources.

EPA’s reports also adhere to Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidance:

Prior Year Information