Reporting Errors in Pesticide Data Systems

EPA's pesticide program has established a central location for users to report issues with pesticide program data in our data systems, including Office of Pesticide Programs Information Network (OPPIN), Pesticide Product Information System (PPIS) or the Pesticide Product Label System (PPLS).

If you encounter data omissions, errors or information that is unclear, please send us a report (

This e-mail box is available to any user – EPA staff, regions, states, regulated community, the public. We will check the e-mailbox daily, and designated staff will route the problem for research and resolution.

Please be specific. For example:

  • If you’re in a product record, include the registration number.
  • If you’re in an active ingredient record, include the AI name or number. Include screen shots if possible.

The more specific your report, the better able we’ll be to research the problem.

Though not required, please identify yourself in your e-mail including name and phone number.

Our goals are to promptly address data issues and to increase the reliability of information offered by EPA's pesticide program. You can help us meet these goals by reporting issues you encounter. Thanks in advance for your help.