Register for October 18 Webinar on Managing Bats Effectively in Your School District

For Release:  October 3, 2016

On Tuesday, October 18, EPA’s Center of Expertise for School IPM will offer a webinar titled Pest Control Should Not Drive You Batty: How to Manage Bats Effectively in Your School District. Bats are one of nature’s best insect predators, often eating thousands of mosquitoes and other insect pests in just one night. However, their helpful ways are quickly forgotten when they find their way into school buildings. 

What are the health issues associated with bats, the legal considerations surrounding their removal, and proven tactics to prevent and manage them?

Join bat specialists from Cornell University and Bat Conservation International as they discuss the positive contributions bats make to the environment as well as the risks they present to students, faculty, and staff at schools. Learn how to best handle bat/human conflicts, relocate invading bats, properly clean up bat droppings, and prevent future incursions into school buildings.

Two school facility managers will also share the challenges bats have presented in their districts and the steps they took to maintain a healthy learning environment for their students.

Featured presenters will be:
  • John Hermanson, Ph.D., Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University
  • Dianne Odegard, Education & Public Outreach Manager, Bat Conservation International
  • Ricardo Zubiate, Assistant Director Facility Services, Salt Lake City (Utah) School District
  • Jeremy Theriot, Energy Coordinator, Ascension (Louisiana) Public Schools

This webinar is one in a series of EPA presentations offering information on IPM to help school districts adopt a proactive approach to pest control. Our IPM webinar series has already reached more than 3,000 school personnel, representing more than 25 million students across the country. IPM is a smart, sensible, and sustainable approach to managing pests that takes action to address the underlying causes that enable pests to thrive.

Upcoming webinars include:
  • Developing an IPM Plan for Your School – November 15, 2016
  • Managing Cockroaches in Schools – December 13, 2016
  • Pests of Public Health Importance in Schools – January 24, 2017
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