Pilot Test of New Template for Enhanced Pet Spot-on Product Incident Reporting

EPA wants to ensure that the pet spot-on products continue to provide effective flea and tick control while minimizing any adverse effects on pets. As part of this effort, EPA took action in 2010 on the use of spot-on products. Now we need more consistent incident information to facilitate determining if additional measures to protect pets and families are needed.

More information on pet spot-on product changes.

Webinar on Pilot Held June 7, 2016

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Background and Next Steps in Pet Spot-on Incident Reporting

  • EPA is working toward standardizing manufacturers’ enhanced incident reporting for pet spot-on products. We have developed a draft standard template to be used by registrants submitting information on incidents involving spot-on pet products to ensure the submission of data in a consistent format using consistent terminology. We also developed a standardized template for registrants to use to report information on their sales. Together, these standardized templates will allow the Agency to review incidents more efficiently and, if concerns are raised, give us the necessary information on which to act.
  • Although registrants have been submitting the incident data required under FIFRA section 6 (a)(2), including the more detailed reports required starting in 2010, those data submissions lack consistent terminology and a common format, making it difficult and labor intensive to use the data for regulatory purposes. We have developed a new template and common terminology that we wish to pilot.
  • View the templates (XLSX). Draft Template for Voluntary Enhanced Incident Reporting (XLSX)(1 pg, 29 K)  and Sales Volume Template(1 pg, 10 K) .

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Nine Registrants Needed for Pilot

We are seeking nine registrants of pet spot-on products to test the new template. The companies would agree to submit their enhanced quarterly incident reporting using the new template for a period of one year. Registrants interested in participating in the pilot should contact Julie Breeden-Alemi, DVM, at using the key phrase “Pilot Spot-on Participant” in the subject line.

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Public Comment Sought on the Template 

EPA wants to ensure that the enhanced information collected satisfies public as well as regulatory needs without disclosing confidential business information. We are, therefore, also seeking feedback from the public on the template itself. To submit comments on the template contact Dr. Breeden-Alemi at using the key phrase “Pilot Spot-on Comment” in the subject line. 

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June 7, 2016, Webinar Materials

On June 7, 2016, registrants participated in an online webinar with a PowerPoint presentation to learn how to use the template. 

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