Requesting a New or Modified Pesticide Tolerance

Foods in interstate commerce containing pesticide residues must be covered by pesticide tolerances or an exemption from the requirement of a tolerance. 

  • A tolerance or the exemption from the requirement of a tolerance must be established for each active and inert ingredient in the formulation before a pesticide can be registered for use on a food or feed crop, or for use in a food processing or storage area.
  • In addition, an amendment to an established tolerance may be required if an amendment is proposed for a currently registered use that might result in residue levels higher than the established tolerance.
  • Tolerances are required for pesticide residue resulting from the use of a pesticide in food or feed production in a foreign country.
  • Temporary tolerances are established for uses such as:
    • Experimental use of a non-registered pesticide.
    • Use of a pesticide under an emergency exemption from pesticide registration.

Before we can establish or amend a tolerance or tolerance exemption, a tolerance petition must be submitted.

More information about tolerance petitions.

Guidance on data requirements for tolerances on imported commodities in the United States and Canada.

When we receive a tolerance petition, we publish a notice in the Federal Register about the petition and accept comment for 30 days.

More information about public notice of tolerance petitions and other tolerance actions.