TIM Version 3.0 beta Technical Description and User Guide - Appendix A - User's Guidance for TIM v.3.0(beta)

TIM (Terrestrial Investigation Model) is a terrestrial model used by OPP to derive quantitative estimates of the probability (or likelihood) and magnitude of mortality to birds (of the same species) exposed to the simulated pesticide.

TIM Version 3.0 beta has several appendices to its Technical Description and User Guide.

Appendix A provides detailed guidance to the user on how to select input parameters for running the Terrestrial Investigation Model (TIM; version 3.0 beta) as well as recommendations for default values that can be used when no chemical-specific or species-specific information are available. This user’s guidance is an appendix to a manual (referred to here as "technical manual") that includes a complete technical description of TIM, including its conceptual model, equations, assumptions and uncertainties. Appendix A focuses only on the parameters used by TIM, which must be determined by the model user.

TIM models and other TIM information.

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