Pesticide Registration

PRN 98-5: New Forms for the Certification with Respect to Citation of Data

In 1998, EPA established new forms for citation of data to support the registration or reregistration of pesticide products. These forms are EPA Form 8570-34 (“Certification with Respect to Citation of Data”) and 8570-35 (“Data Matrix”).

An individual or entity wanting to obtain or maintain a registration for a pesticide product must submit an application package consisting of information relating to the identity and composition of the product, and supporting data or a citation to supporting data that have previously been submitted to the Agency. In the latter case, the applicant generally must also certify that an offer of compensation has been made to the original data submitter or that the submitter has granted permission to cite data. Applicants make this certification by submitting a “Certification with Respect to Citation of Data” form (Now Form 8570-34, which replaces Forms 8570-29 and -31). 

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