Pesticide Registration

Pesticide Registration Manual

The Pesticide Registration Manual is a resource for companies and individuals who want to have their pesticide products registered for sale in the United States. The manual describes the EPA's review and decision-making process for registering a pesticide product and its use. Detailed information for pesticide registrants (the company or individual applying to register a pesticide) concerning their responsibilities before, during and after the review process is also included in the manual.

Chapter 1: Requirements for Pesticide Registration and Registrant Obligations
Chapter 2: Registering a Pesticide Product
Chapter 3: Additional Considerations for Biopesticide Products
Chapter 4: Additional Considerations for Antimicrobials Products
Chapter 5: Registration Fees
Chapter 6: Amending a Registered Pesticide Product
Chapter 7: Notifications and Minor Formulation Amendments
Chapter 8: Inert Ingredients
Chapter 9: Supplemental Distribution of a Registered Pesticide
Chapter 10: Data Compensation Requirements
Chapter 11: Tolerance Petitions
Chapter 12: Applying for an Experimental Use Permit
Chapter 13: Devices
Chapter 14: How to Obtain an EPA Company or Establishment Number and Change of Address of Contact Information
Chapter 15: Submitting Data and Confidential Business Information
Chapter 16: Transfer of Product Registrations and Data Rights
Chapter 17: State Regulatory Authority
Chapter 18: Other Federal or State Agency Requirements
Chapter 19: How to Obtain Publications
Chapter 20: Forms and How to Obtain Them
Chapter 21: Directions for Submitting Applications and Contacting EPA
Appendix A: Guidance Documents
Appendix B: Examples of Registrant Documents
Appendix C: Pesticide Forms Overview Table
Appendix D: Examples of Completed Forms

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