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Pesticide Data Submitters List (PDSL)

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The Pesticide Data Submitters List is a compilation of names and addresses of registrants who wish to be notified and offered compensation for use of their data. It was developed to assist applicants for pesticide registration in fulfilling their obligation as required by sections 3(c)(1)(f) and 3(c)(2)(D) of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and 40 CFR Part 152 subpart E regarding ownership of data used to support registration.

All pesticides sold or distributed in the United States must be registered by EPA, based on scientific studies showing that they can be used without posing unreasonable risks to people or the environment. When applying for registration of a pesticide product, a registrant may develop and submit the required data, cite all previously submitted data, or cite selected data. When an applicant cites data previously submitted by another pesticide registrant, the applicant must make, and transmit to the owner of the data compensation rights, a valid offer to pay compensation to the owner of that data. The Data Submitters List contains the names and addresses of companies who submitted data relating to certain pesticide chemicals who wish to receive such offers. 

PDSL Files (Current Edition: January 11, 2017)

How to Use the PDSL

The listing consists of two files: DSLMAIN.PDF is a sequential list of data submitters sorted by chemical code number. DSLCHEM.PDF is an index to the chemical code numbers arranged alphabetically by chemical name.

Since many chemical names are too long to be handled easily, the Agency has assigned a chemical code number for every active chemical ingredient. This six-digit number (including zeroes) appears under the heading "code number" to the left of the chemical name in file DSLCHEM.PDF. The user should determine the code for a particular chemical from this list and then look in the DSLMAIN.PDF file for that particular chemical code.

DSLMAIN.PDF is a sequential list by chemical code of all companies who have submitted data concerning that particular chemical since December 31, 1969. If a chemical does not appear on the sequential list, it is an indication that (a) no data have been submitted for that active ingredient since December 31, 1969, or (b) data submitters have asked to have their names withdrawn from the listing so that no correspondence regarding compensation would be sent to them. 

Explanations of Codes

In the DSLMAIN.PDF file, the type of data is indicated by a ‘Y’ under one of the following codes: EFF, EXP, EXU, FA, FEP, FRE, OT, PC, RC, or TC.

EFF  Indicates that the applicant has submitted Efficacy Data
EXP  Indicates that the applicant has submitted Exposure Data
EXU  Indicates that the applicant has submitted Exclusive Use Data
FA  Indicates that the applicant has submitted data regarding Fate in Animals
FEP  Indicates that the applicant has submitted date regarding Fate/Effects in Plants
FRE  Indicates that the applicant has submitted Fate/Residues Data
OT Indicates that the applicant has submitted Other Data
PC Indicates that the applicant has submitted Product Chemistry Data
RC Indicates that the applicant has submitted Residue Chemistry Data
TC Indicates that the applicant has submitted Toxicology Data

Error Corrections

If users find an error or omission in the updated list, they should notify the Agency in writing of the error and what corrections are necessary. Report errors in pesticide data systems.

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