Pesticide Registration

e-CSF Application

Getting Started

To get started with the e-CSF process, download the application to your computer's desktop, open the application, and begin entering information about a confidential statement of formula.

  • Each section of the application corresponds to a section in the EPA Form 8570-4.
  • Once the e-CSF form has been completed, it may be saved as PDF and XML documents.

The e-CSF process requires an ink signature - electronic signatures are not acceptable. Please be sure to sign the e-CSF form where appropriate and incorporate the signed page into the PDF document to be submitted electronically.

About the e-CSF

The Confidential Statement of Formula form (EPA Form 8570-4) is used to identify the complete chemical composition of each pesticide so it can be evaluated for registration under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act. This form is designed for reporting the ingredients used in the formulation of a pesticide product and must be completed and submitted with each application for new registration of a pesticide and application for amended registration if the revision involves a formula change.

The e-CSF application offers several advantages. It:

  • Allows for a streamlined, nearly paperless process,
  • Provides improved access to critical decision documents, 
  • Enhances availability of information to both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Supports the e-Gov Initiatives
  • Reduces the reliance on paper as part of the Paperwork Reduction Act.
  • Reduces data entry requirements associated with the old paper-based process.

It supports the following functional areas:

  • CSF Form Generation; and
  • Data Entry.

The application will reside on your computer and will contain all necessary logic and data fields for the CSF form. You will save the form as an XML file; it can also be saved as a PDF if the you choose.

The XML file will later be broken down into its component parts for import into our data system (PRISM). The application will collect and store specific information needed to facilitate the e-CSF process. This information will primarily consist of chemical formulation information for the CSF, including inert chemical, weight, density, viscosity, etc. 

The e-CSF application provides the first step to a paperless process. The application incorporates design considerations that allow for future use of the e-PRISM interface. The e-CSF will be integrated into the e-Submission portal. Open standards like XML facilitate more efficient transfer and import of data, using the e-CSF.