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Conventional Pesticide Registration

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What Are Conventional Pesticides

Conventional pesticides are all active ingredients other than biological pesticides and antimicrobial pesticides. Conventional active ingredients are generally produced synthetically, i.e., are synthetic chemicals that prevent, mitigate, destroy, or repel any pest; or that act as a plant growth regulator, desiccant, defoliant or nitrogen stabilizer.

Wood preservative and anti-foulant products that do not have antimicrobial uses and agricultural fungicide and aquatic herbicide products are either classified as a conventional or a biochemical pesticide. Biochemical pesticides with a toxic mode of action are classified for the purposes of the registration process as conventional pesticides.

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Conventional Reduced Risk Pesticide Program

The Conventional Reduced Risk Pesticide Program expedites the review and regulatory decision-making process of conventional pesticides that pose less risk to human health and the environment than existing conventional alternatives. The goal of this program is to quickly register commercially viable alternatives to riskier conventional pesticides. This ensures that these reduced risk pesticide uses get into the marketplace and are available to growers as soon as possible. Expected participants in this program are the chemical companies and state or federal agencies that submit to the agency initial registration and amended registration applications for pesticide products. Learn More>>>

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Pre-Application Meeting

Before assembling an application for product registration or an amendment to a product registration, an applicant or registrant should first consider scheduling a pre-application meeting. The pre-application meeting provides an opportunity to discuss and confirm the data and labeling requirements that apply to that application. To schedule a meeting, please go to the Conventional Pesticide Division Contact List   for the Registration Division Ombudsman or the appropriate Product Team contact person.

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Requirements for All Applicants

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Guidance Documents

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Work Plans

The workplans for conventional new pesticide chemicals and new pesticide uses represent our current list and schedules for these important actions. However, the Agency has included room for flexibility in these workplans to ensure a quick response should an emerging public health or environmental issue arise.

Specific questions regarding the ongoing status of a chemical should be referred to the appropriate product manager, team leader, or branch chief on our contacts page

Conventional Fiscal Year Work Plans

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