Pesticide Registration

Antimicrobial Data Requirements Training Videos and Related Materials

In 2013, EPA revised the data requirements for antimicrobial pesticides in 40 CFR Part 158W. The following training videos provide guidance on these new data requirements to help the public and the pesticide industry better understand the pesticide registration process and make the process more efficient and transparent.


Introduction and Overview to 158W Training Series: Introduction to EPA training series on 40 CFR Part 158W Data Requirements for Antimicrobial Pesticides final rule.

Environmental Fate and Transport 158W Training: Broad overview of environmental fate and transport processes including chemical degradation, microbial degradation, intermedia transport, and wastewater treatment plant fate. Presentation also discusses environmental fate data requirements.

Mammalian Toxicology Data Requirements for Antimicrobial Pesticides: Discussion of mammalian toxicology data requirements for antimicrobial pesticides under 158W including how to determine the data requirements, examples for direct food, indirect food, and non-food uses, test notes and alternative approaches to fulfilling these data requirements.

Antimicrobial Pesticides used in Cooling Water Systems: Antimicrobial pesticide data requirements for cooling water systems including types of systems, modeling ecological exposure, evaluating dietary exposure and effects on aquatic organisms.

Wood Preservation and Associated Antimicrobial Pesticide Data Requirements: Antimicrobial pesticide data requirements for wood preservative uses, including environmental fate, human health and ecological effects. Presentation also includes discussion of the wood preservation process.

Introduction to Down-the-Drain Assessment for Antimicrobial Pesticides: The down-the-drain assessment considers the potential for an antimicrobial pesticide to pass through a waste water treatment facility and potentially expose aquatic organisms and humans. In addition it addresses the potential adverse effects of an antimicrobial pesticide on the microorganisms used in the treatment of the waste water.

Presentations Slides and Transcripts

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