Pesticide Registration

Annual Pesticide Registration Maintenance Fees

All section 3 and section 24(c) registrations are subject to an annual maintenance fee described in FIFRA Section 4(i)(5). The amount of this fee varies from year to year depending on the authorizing legislation. Affected applicants will be contacted by mail in November with instructions for submitting the fee, which is due by Tuesday January 17. The fee per product will vary from year to year as the fee is dependent upon the projected number of products for which registrants will pay this fee.  The fee for 2017 is $3,512. Please note that checks, bank drafts and money orders are no longer an acceptable form of payment.

Although there are procedures for requesting a fee waiver for individual product registration actions, maintenance fees will be reduced by 25% for the first registration only, if the applicant can show that:

  1. The applicant has 500 or fewer employees globally;
  2. During the 3-year period prior to the most recent maintenance fee billing cycle the applicant has average annual gross revenue from all sources that do not exceed $10,000,000; and
  3. The applicant holds a total of 5 or fewer registrations subject to the maintenance fee.

There also are maintenance fee waivers for products that meet certain narrow criteria in two categories: minor agricultural use products and public health pesticides. The procedure for requesting a fee waiver for individual products is described in the instructions.

If you have any questions, please call the toll-free Pesticide Maintenance Fee information line at 1-800-444-7255 or send an email to Mick Yanchulis at