How to Report Pesticide Incidents

Everyone has a responsibility to report incidents related to harm from pesticides. For some, the responsibility is a legal requirement. For others, reporting is not required, but taking time to report can lead to changes where warranted that can help prevent future incidents. For more information about pesticide incident reporting, see the links under the group to which you belong.

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In all cases of pesticide incidents, please notify the product's manufacturer who is required by law to submit reports of adverse effects to EPA. Their contact information is on the product’s label.

Depending on the type of incident and your reason for reporting, it may be appropriate to report to a number of different organizations. The National Pesticide Information Center Exit is a good place to start for more information on different types of incidents and your various options for reporting. When reporting a pesticide incident, please follow the guidance given below for the following types of incidents:

Health Care Professionals


Wildlife Biologists

Pesticide Manufacturers or Registrants