Region 4 Pesticide Contacts

Mailing Address 

General Topics

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Region 4
Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center
61 Forsyth Street, SW
Atlanta, GA 30303-8960

Name Email Phone Area of Responsibility
Chemical Safety and Enforcement Branch (CSEB)
Anthony Toney 404-562-9085 Branch Chief
CSEB - Pesticides Section
Kimberly Bingham 404-562-9038 Section Chief
Phillip Beard 404-562-9012 Tennessee Project Officer, Enforcement Coordinator and Pesticide Producer Establishment Numbers/Reporting (Section 7)
Randy Dominy 404-562-8996 Florida Project Officer, Pollinator Protection, Worker Protection Standard and Mosquito Control
Richard Corbett 404-562-9008

Kentucky and North Carolina Project Officer, Certification &Training Program and Grants

Karen Hill 404-562-8972 Imports Coordinator and Enforcement Officer
Lula Middlebrook 404-562-8981 Inspector Credentials 
Patricia Livingston 404-562-9171 Alabama Project Officer, FIFRA Inspector Training Coordinator, FIFRA Tribal Contact, Enforcement Officer and School IPM
Justin Mullenix 404-562-8997 Mississippi Project Officer, Pesticide Producer Establishment Numbers/Reporting (Section 7), Enforcement Officer and FIFRA Tribal Contact
Melba Table 404-562-9086 South Carolina Project Officer, Imports Team and Enforcement Officer
Kimberly Tomczak 404-562-8987 Imports Team, Georgia Project Officer, Bed Bugs, Enforcement Officer and Inspector Credentials

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