Contacts in the Office of Pesticide Programs, Information Technology and Resources Management Division

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The Information Technology and Resources Management Division (ITRMD) is responsible for:
  • information support;
  • Pesticides Public Regulatory Docket;
  • records management;
  • Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) Section 6(a)(2) issues (adverse effects reporting);
  • pesticide incident monitoring; 
  • coding for the pesticide website; 
  • computer hardware and software support for the Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP); and
  • management of OPP's budget and personnel.
Name E-Mail Phone Area of Responsibility

Immediate Office
Fax: 703-305-5512

Delores J. Barber 703-347-8741 Director
Hamaad Syed 703-305-0502 Acting Deputy Director
Angela Blanks 703-305-5499 Program Analyst (Facilities (backup) and E-Business Coordinator)
April Merriweather 703-305-7834 Special Assistant, Program Analyst (Facilities, purchase card holder)

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Customer Support and Infrastructure Branch (CSIB)
Fax: 703-305-5512

Network infrastructure services, network printers, Lotus Notes desktop administration, WebForms, hardware and software upgrades and maintenance. Also responsible for PC desktop configurations and Help-Desk operations.

Dennis Gorres 703-605-0564 Acting Branch Chief
Harry Winnik 703-305-7089 Team Leader, OPP LAN Team
Network and Infrastructure Services
Mark Bustin 703-305-5052 Senior IT Specialist
Troy Stewart 703-308-2738 Webinar and Video Conferencing
Support Lead
Aida Abdul-Wali 703-305-5484 IT Specialist
David Kovak 703-305-7709 IT Specialist
Dorene Toney 703-305-5459 Information Management Specialist
Elton Harrison 703-305-5366 Information Management Specialist

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Financial Management and Planning Branch (FMPB)
Fax: 703-305-5512

Responsible for providing strategic planning, budget formulation and execution, program planning, payroll and FTE analysis, travel, performance measurement and accountability, acquisition and grants oversight support to the Office Director.

Vickie Richardson 703-347-0327 Branch Chief
Financial Management group 
Tanisha Brockett 703-305-6937 Contracts Center of Excellence and Funds Certifying Officer
Sonya Brooks 703-308-6423 Payroll, TAIS and FTE analyst, and Audit Coordinator
Kennetta Calloway 703-305-0066 Team Lead, Budget Execution
Stanley Cook 703-305-7190 Senior Environmental Employment Coordinator and Time Keeper
Latangila Edwards 703-305-7170 Contracts Center of Excellence and Funds Certifying Officer
Vanessa Gilmore 703-308-0021 Funds Certifying Officer
Virginia Holiday 703-670-3274 WCF Manager and Funds Certifying Officer
Brian Katz 703-347-0381 Senior Analyst, Budget Formulation and Program Planning
Guynin Myers 703-305-7710 Purchase Card Holder and Coordinator for the FAIR Act/A-76 and Concur
John Pates 703-308-8195 Contracts Center of Excellence and Funds Certifying Officer
Edward Setren 703-305-5927 Performance Management, Strategic Planning and FMFIA
Cathy Stewart 703-305-7711 Contracts Center of Excellence, Funds Certifying Officer and Delegation of Authority
Venese Williams 703-306-0035 Grants Coordinator
Travel Center of Excellence 
Deborah Leftridge 03-305-6487 Travel Center of Excellence, Acting Team Leader
Drusilla Copeland 703-308-6224 Travel Center of Excellence
Juanita Gilchrist 703-305-6965 Travel Center of Excellence

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Human Resources and Operations Branch (HROB)
Fax: 703-305-5512

Responsible for oversight and coordination of Human Resources, Facilities Management, Program Operations activities and Special Projects for OPP.

Pam Boyd   Acting Branch Chief
Vacant     Team Leader, Human Resources
Team - Coordinates personnel actions,
personnel security, awards, check-out
sheet/customer service request,
PARS, PeoplePlus, retirement certificates
Patricia Coleman 703-305-5518 Program Analyst (Training Coordinator)
Venus Marshall 703-308-0344 Program Analyst 
Kim Marshall 703-305-0832 Program Analyst (OPP Intern Coordinator, EAS)
Karen Jones 703-308-8047 HR liaison 
Renae Whitaker 703-347-0136 HR liaison
Chandra Garrison 703-305-7412 HR liaison
LaTanya Moody 703-308-8022 HR liaison
Janeese Hackley 703-605-1523 HR liaison 
Grinstead, Keri 703-308-8373 People Plus Coordinator; Flexiplace coordinator; HR liaison
Julia Stokes 703-347-8966 Training alternate; Awards coordinator; HR liaison

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Information Services Branch (ISB)
Fax: 703-305-7670

Responsible for in-processing registrant submissions including applications, studies, administrative information, adverse effects information, fees, and other required information. Manages central collections of regulatory case records, studies and incident reports. Maintains information in OPP's core office-wide databases.

Steve Robbins 703-305-6439 Branch Chief
Mick Yanchulis 703-347-0237 Central Data Systems and
Fees Management In-processing
including PRIA actions and fees,
Maintenance fees, Data Submitters
List, 6(f)(1) use deletions/
voluntary cancellations
Bob Miller


6(a)(2) Data Coordinator
Christopher Green 703-347-0367 PRIA fee waivers
Banza Djapao 703-305-7269 Electronic Submissions
Louis Vaughn 703-308-8114 Transfers (Product, Data and Company
Ownership Transfers, Changes
of Company Name,Address
or Agent.)
Adrienne Turner 703-308-4983 Data Management Support (DDMS)
Contract POC for the contractor's
PRIA screening and indexing
of pesticide product and data
submissions and data capture
into OPPIN; Assignment
of EPA company
numbers submissions
Shirley Burgess 703-308-8628 Information Management Specialist (Document in-processing and imaging)
Steve Morrill 703-308-8319 Document Center Information
Odell Powell 703-305-0568 Information Management Assistant (Document in-processing and surplus)

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Internet and Training Branch (ITB)
Fax: 703-305-5512

Development and management of the pesticides area of the Agency's public website and OPP's intranet site OPP@Work. Office productivity & IT Training.

Dennis Gorres 703-605-0564 Branch Chief
Web Team
Christine Tran 703-305-1577 IT Specialist (Web developer)
Miriam Organic 703-605-0583 IT Specialist (Web developer)
Delphine Coleman 703-305-5692 IT Specialist (Web developer)
Feroz Daraseng 703-347-0623 IT Specialist (Web developer)
FIFRA Security Team
Mary Simmons 703-305-6452 FIFRA Security Officer
Mario Steadman 703-305-8338 FIFRA Security Officer
William (Chris) Northern 703-305-6478 Information Security Officer

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Public Information and Records Integrity Branch (PIRIB)
Fax: 703-305-5480

Manages all activities associated with: Freedom of Information Act (FOIA);  OPP Public Regulatory Docket activities (including FDMS); exemption review of all unpublished documents; and release of studies submitted by registrants.

Earl Ingram 703-305-5456 Branch Chief
Calvin Furlow 703-305-5529 Senior Advisor
Janet Bressant 703-305-6445 Exemption review/FIFRA
section 10(g)/release of studies
Kimberly Smith 703-305-6434 Project officer for OPP
Public Regulatory Docket and
the Federal Docket Management
System (FDMS); Freedom of Information Act
(FOIA) Team Leader
Nicholas Wittenberg 703-347-8875 Attorney-Advisor
Devenchi Arnold 703-305-5698 FOIA Specialist
Sharon McBride 703-305-5232 FOIA Specialist
Gibbs Moore 703-605-0195 FOIA Specialist
Gary Mullins 703-308-8044 FOIA Specialist
Lashonia Richardson 703-305-5301 FOIA Specialist
Ana Espinoza 703-347-0102 FOIA Specialist
Shirley Miller 703-308-0138 FOIA Specialist
Trauvello Bethea 703-308-8714 Records management support,
Accessioning Jackets

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Systems Design and Development Branch (SDDB)
Fax: 703-305-5512

Responsible for all major system application maintenance and development to support OPP's staff. In addition, continues to support OPP's CPIC Major and legacy systems.

Bob Schultz 703-308-8186 Branch Chief
Dominique White 703-603-9093 Senior IT Project Manager
Gonzalo Melendez 703-347-0582 IT Specialist
Jesse Billingslea 703-308-8064 Information Management Specialist
James Davis 703-347-0496 IT Specialist
Pat Dobak 703-308-8180 IT Specialist
Benjamin Cobb 703-308-0115 IT Specialist
Nicole Williams 703-308-5551 IT Specialist
Dina Castellon 703-347-8831 IT Specialist
Mark Heflin 703-605-0703 IT Specialist

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