National Pesticide Standard Repository

EPA's National Pesticide Standard Repository collects and maintains an inventory of analytical “standards” of registered pesticides in the United States, as well as some that are not currently registered. “Standards” are samples of:

  • Pure and/or technical grade active ingredients.
  • Regulated metabolites, degradates, and related compounds.

Pesticide manufacturers must develop environmental chemistry and residue analytical methods and provide them to EPA as a condition of product registration.

We provide pesticide analytical standards to qualified federal, state, territorial, and tribal laboratories for food and product testing and environmental monitoring. Examples include testing of:

  • Food and feed samples to determine if pesticide residues exceed the maximum allowable limits (i.e., tolerances).
  • Pesticide products to confirm if active ingredient label claims are correct and if an undeclared active ingredient(s) is present.
  • Material treated by pest control operators as part of misuse investigations.
  • Air, water and soil samples from monitoring programs and permit enforcement.

We do not supply standards to laboratories outside of the United States or to foreign-owned laboratories. Analytical standards may be available through commercial suppliers or directly from the pesticide manufacturer.

Ordering Analytical Standards

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