Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee: Pesticide Incidents Workgroup

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  • Support development of a 21st century incidents system, which will include:
    • Input on data elements needed to make for a useful incident report in support of risk-management decisions
    • Identify data elements that would benefit others including other interested parties including regulatory bodies.
    • Systems development and testing of an incidents system.
    • Identification of additional sources of incidents data.
  • Identify and provide advice on additional issues associated with developing a high-quality, publically available incidents system
  • Other issues the Agency wishes to bring to the workgroup’s attention.


At the May, 2015 meeting of the PPDC, EPA decided to form this workgroup to provide input to the PPDC on incident reporting to assist the Agency in meeting its long-term goal of creating a publically-available framework that improves the reporting, quality and efficient use of pesticide incident data to ensure high-quality, science-based pesticide decisions.  

The Pesticide Incidents Workgroup represents a broad array of stakeholders from:

  • federal and state governments;
  • industry and trade associations;
  • pesticide user organization;
  • environmental and public interest groups; and
  • academia.

Through this PPDC Workgroup, we will seek input from our stakeholders on a wide range of pesticide incidents data.

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Workgroup Members

Michele Colopy, Pollinator Stewardship Council
Capt. Geoffrey Calvert, Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Tom Delaney, Professional Lawncare Network
Robyn Gilden, University of Maryland School of Nursing
Nichelle Harriott, Beyond Pesticides
Dr. Matthew Keifer, National Farm Medicine Center
Jeanette Klopchin, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Beth Law, Consumer Specialty Products Association
Valentin Sanchez, Oregon Law Center
Donald Taylor, Agricultural Retailers Association
Marylou Verder-Carlos, California Department of Pesticide Regulations
Virginia Ruiz, Farmworker Justice
Cindy Palmer, American Bird Conservancy
John Peckham, Minnesota Department Agriculture
Jeannie Economos, Farmworker Association of Florida
Lisa Arkin, Beyond Pesticides
Lacey Babnik, Wild Care
Margaret Reeves, Pesticide Action Network North America
Cheryl Cleveland, BASF Corporation
Ray McAllister, Crop Life America
Jeffrey Rogers, Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Bob Rosenberg, National Pest Management Association
Doug Hanks, National Potato Council
Steven Coy, Coy Bee Company
Will Heeb, Bayer HealthCare
Gary Wilkinson, Scotts
Rick Kingston, SafetyCall
Monty Dixon, Syngenta Crop Products
Kaci Buhl, National Pesticide Information Center
Julie Spagnoli, JM Specialty Consulting
Elliot Gordon, Elliot Gordon Consulting
Lauren Seabrook, ADAMA
Joey Schmitz/Kia Benson alternate, ProPharma Group
Sundee Williams, Bayer Crop Science
Margaret Jones, EPA Region 5
Amy Mysz, EPA Region 5
Fabiola Estrada, EPA Region 9
Katy Wilcoxen, EPA Region 9
Helene Ambrozino, EPA Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance

EPA Workgroup Leadership

Jackie Mosby, Division Director, Field and External Affairs Division, Chair Pesticide Incidents Workgroup
Melissa Panger, Senior Adviser, Environmental Fate and Effects Division, Technical Co-chair Pesticide Incidents Workgroup
Richard Dumas, Senior Policy Adviser, Pesticide Re-Evaluation Division, Technical Co-chair Pesticide Incidents Workgroup

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