September 2015 Pacific Southwest Newsletter

EPA Pacific Southwest - Region 9
River running through South West desert: Land of the Duck Valley Tribe, Nevada

A Toolkit for Tribes

Cover of the Tribal Green Building Toolkit (PDF)

The Tribal Green Building Toolkit, developed by EPA and the Tribal Green Building Codes Workgroup, provides information on how tribes can implement green building codes, policies, and practices that meet tribal environmental, cultural and economic priorities

Science to Achieve Results

EPA has awarded a grant of nearly $800,000 to the University of California at Santa Barbara to develop a model to better understand the biological and ecological consequences of exposures to chemicals in the environment. The project will help predict patterns of exposure to metals, nanoparticles, and certain flame retardants in industrial and consumer products.

Supporting Green Technology

SBIR America's Seed FundEPA's Small Business Innovation Research program has awarded $1.9 million to 19 small businesses nationwide, including 3 in California. Physical Optics Corporation received an award to develop an electrical system that converts brackish water or seawater into drinkable water. Waddan Systems is developing a sensor that simultaneously detects and monitors hazardous air pollutants. Industrial Microbes is developing a green fermentation platform to replace carbon-emitting chemicals to help reduce carbon pollution.

Enforcement Update

Protecting Children from Lead Poisoning

EPA has settled a case with a real estate company which failed to notify its tenants about the potential presence of lead-based paint at rental units in Salinas, Calif. As part of the settlement, lead-based paint will be removed at various apartments managed by the firm.