Pollution Prevention (P2)

Pollution Prevention Information Network (PPIN) Grant Summaries 2014

The Pollution Prevention Information Network (PPIN) grant program funds a national network of regional centers that serve both regional and national pollution prevention (P2) information needs. These centers are known as the Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2Rx) . Grantees determine audience needs, supply quality information and provide assistance and training to businesses for which a lack of information may be an impediment to implementing source reduction, preventing pollution or adopting sustainable practices.

This page offers summaries of grants awarded in 2014. The summaries include the state, the applicant's name, the federal dollar amount (which is matched dollar for dollar by the grantee) and a brief description of the project. These summaries inform the public and P2 practitioners how EPA invests P2 grant funds to further the Agency's goals in sustaining the knowledge base for pollution prevention.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES)
EPA grant: $100,912

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services in partnership with the Northeast Waste Management Officials Association (NEWMOA) will support P2 information services in regions 1 and 2. P2 information development will focus on the areas of sustainable lodging, green chemistry and zero waste professional networks, promoting safer alternatives to dry cleaning chemicals, promoting P2 for refrigerants in grocery stores and student P2 internships.


University of Louisville, Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center (KPPC)
EPA grant: $100,912

The University of Louisville Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center supports the Environmental Sustainability Resource Center in EPA regions 3 and 4.  They manage a website that serves the two regions, facilitate E3 communication and training and provide technical assistance thru rapid response service with follow-up to determine what changes were made.


Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois
EPA grant: $107,012

The Illinois Sustainable Technology Center is located within the University of Illinois at Champaign and supports P2 information development and exchange among the Great Lakes region and beyond. This year’s proposal will support a redesign of the website to enhance information retrieval on the 4 areas: technical assistance, sustainable electronics, green chemistry and engineering and the social science of behavior change.  The center will participate in a study that analyzes industrial emissions and economic data to assist the region’s technical assistance providers in targeting their efforts. The center will collaborate with the Region 7 P2Rx center on a joint regional roundtable in spring of 2015.


University of Texas at Arlington
EPA grant: $100,912

The Zero Waste Network is a program of the University of Texas Division for Enterprise Development that supports P2 programs in Region 6. The proposal described how they will provide 100 hours of in person source reduction training across the nation.  The center will evaluate the Texas P2 planning tool and review P2 options with PPRC (Region 10) to integrate these P2 practices into an options database.  The center attends regional roundtables and supports the case study database.

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Nebraska: University of Nebraska – Omaha
EPA grant: $100,912

The University of Nebraska at Omaha P2 information center will supplement current Business training to incorporate P2 practices for businesses and create an advisory board for the region 7 center. They will develop P2 information on greening campus sports and entertainment arenas and support a joint roundtable meeting with Region 5 in St Louis.


Montana State University
EPA grant: $115,169

Montana State University supports the P2 information center serving region 8. The center will amplify dissemination of P2 information via the national network, support technical assistance providers and end users with webinars, a regional listserv and collaborative projects. This center will coordinate and support tribal P2 and energy efficiency in local governments.


University of Nevada, Board of Regents
EPA grant: $100,912

The Business Environmental Program at the University of Nevada at Reno supports the regional P2 information center serving region 9.  The center provides P2 technical assistance directly to businesses and supports a website, webinars and online training resources. This center provides the lead for national marketing of P2Rx services and products, posting articles on the green biz website and improving search engine results for P2Rx information products. This center will support efforts in sustainable hospitality, promote green business programs and collaborate in a green chemistry and safer products roundtable for Region 9.


Washington Department of Ecology
EPA grant: $125,158

The proposal from Washington State Department of Ecology with the Pollution Prevention Resource Center supports the P2 information needs of businesses and industry in region 10. The center will develop P2 information in the areas of: P2 in wineries, marinas (boat maintenance), biotech laboratories, green sports and E3. They will revise their website to facilitate information retrieval and continue their support of P2 results and P2Rx marketing and executive committees.

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