Programs of the Office of the Science Advisor (OSA)

2015 Annual Report on Scientific Integrity

The Annual Report chronicles the implementation of EPA's Scientific Integrity Policy in fiscal year (FY) 2015. Since February 2012, EPA's Scientific Integrity Policy has provided both a vision and a roadmap for ensuring scientific integrity at the Agency. The Policy lists the components of a culture of scientific integrity and offers a framework for ensuring Agency-wide participation in that culture. Although scientific integrity is treated as a single issue in the Policy, maintaining scientific integrity requires investment from and the collaboration of many parts of EPA. This year, instead of publishing a bound report, the scientific integrity activities of FY 2015 are reported online.

Information about new products and accomplishments across the Agency

Updated statistics on allegations of a loss of scientific integrity and summaries of allegations that were adjudicated in FY 2015

Review of internal and external outreach conducted by the Scientific Integrity Program in FY 2015