National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)

Pesticide Permitting-PGP eNOI

EPA’s eNOI system is a free online service. Pesticide decision-makers must use the system to submit an NOI, Annual Report, or Notice of Termination (NOT) for pesticide discharges under EPA’s 2016 PGP. It should only be used for pesticide discharges that are located in a geographic area where EPA is the permitting authority.

Under the 2016 Pesticide General Permit (PGP), all Operators with eligible discharges are authorized for permit coverage through January 12, 2017 without submission of an NOI although the permit requirements must be met as of October 31, 2016. After January 12, 2017, all Decision-makers for which an NOI is required are required to submit an NOI consistent with the earliest applicable due date identified in Table 1-2 of the PGP.

Note: NOIs submitted under the 2011 PGP are automatically terminated on October 31, 2016. Decision-makers who are required to submit an NOI must submit a new NOI by January 12, 2017 to obtain coverage under the 2016 PGP.

eNOI Entry

If you need to submit an NOI, update your NOI, submit your Annual Report, or submit an NOT for your pesticide discharges, visit Central Data Exchange (CDX) to use the eNOI System:

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EPA has developed a user guide to walk decision-makers through the process of submitting NOIs, NOTs, and Annual Reports:

Pest Management Area and Treatment Area Mapping Tool

EPA has developed a tool for decision-makers to create maps of their pest management area and/or treatment area. To open the mapping tool, click below:

eNOI Search

EPA has posted NOIs, NOTs, and Annual Reports submitted by decision-makers under EPA's 2011 and 2016 PGP. Use the eNOI Search page to search, sort, and view NOIs, NOTs, and Annual Reports. Results from this search reflect data updated daily.

For technical assistance with filing NOIs, NOTs, and Annual Reports contact the eNOI contacts.