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Statement from ECCC Minister Catherine McKenna and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy

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OTTAWA - Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna and United States Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy today made the following statement as they concluded successful meetings in Ottawa, Ontario.

"Canada and the United States share a common vision: that of a prosperous and sustainable North American economy. One that offers new jobs and new opportunities stemming from advancements in clean technologies and more sustainable use of our natural resources. Both our countries are committed to continuing to working together to act on climate and grow our economies.

"We know neither environmental nor economic issues respect borders. That is why Canada and the United States have a long history of working together to protect our shared environment. We face many of the same challenges, and we make better progress environmentally and economically when we address those challenges together.

"That is why today we met with Inuit leaders on climate change, with industry leaders to discuss methane reduction and clean growth, and held a town hall with academics, environmental organizations and students at the University of Ottawa.

"This year we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Canada-U.S. Air Quality Agreement. It has been a good channel for our cooperation on pollution and climate change issues for a quarter of a century. But as Prime Minister Trudeau's recent visit hosted by President Obama has shown us, we can do so much more. As well as the important areas for increased cooperation announced by our leaders, we are committed to building and increasing global momentum in the fight on climate change.

"Today we focused on what unites us, namely the ways we will move forward to implement the methane emission reduction measures announced earlier this month, and how we can deepen our coordination and work more closely with Mexico to achieve greater North American collaboration on energy and the environment.

"Canada and the U.S. will sign the Paris Agreement together in just a few short weeks. We will work together as countries around the world begin to implement its provisions.

"By virtue of our shared border and mutual commitment to preserving and protecting our environment, we look forward to many more joint environmental achievements. And by working together, we hope to create real and positive momentum globally in the fight on climate change."