Mississippi River/Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia Task Force

Hypoxia Task Force Nutrient Reduction Strategies

State and Federal Nutrient Reduction Strategies
State development and implementation of nutrient reduction strategies are a major focus of the Hypoxia Task Force (HTF). The first Action Item of the 2008 Action Plan calls for HTF states to develop by 2013 “comprehensive nitrogen and phosphorus reduction strategies encompassing watersheds with significant contributions of nitrogen and phosphorus to the surface waters of the Mississippi/Atchafalaya River Basin (MARB), and ultimately to the Gulf of Mexico.” State-level strategies allow for a more detailed basis for developing and implementing load reductions and provide a vehicle for coordinating with federal agencies and other MARB states.

Having each state develop and implement its own strategy provides flexibility for tailoring the strategy’s approach and components. At the same time, the HTF recognizes that all state strategies need to include certain essential components that need to be in every state strategy to achieve goals. States are generally following the framework described in a 2011 EPA Memo.

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State Nutrient Reduction Strategies

States continue to develop state nutrient reduction strategies that contain tailored methods for reducing nutrients in their state. Some states have already completed their strategies, while others continue to work on completing draft and final documents. Learn more about each state below.

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Each HTF state has designated priority watersheds as part of their nutrient reduction strategy. A map of the priority watersheds is below. The document Priority Watershed Selection Process details each state's selection process.

Priority Watersheds of the Hypoxia Task Force States

Federal Nutrient Reduction Strategies

Federal members of the HTF developed a federal nutrient reduction strategy that addresses federal assistance to HTF states on nutrient reduction strategies. Looking Forward: The Strategy of the Federal Members of the Hypoxia Task Force describes the ongoing and planned efforts of the federal agencies to support state nutrient reduction strategy development and to address other aspects of the 2008 Action Plan. The appendix to the strategy, completed in September 2012, describes in detail the types of assistance each agency can provide to HTF states for developing nutrient reduction strategies. The appendix includes a thorough compilation of federal efforts and programs that either directly or indirectly contribute to reducing nitrogen and phosphorus loads, including direct financial and technical support to assist states with their nutrient reduction strategies.