Mississippi River/Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia Task Force

Hypoxia Task Force Members

The Task Force includes federal and state agencies and the tribes. Federal agencies include those with responsibilities over activities in the Mississippi River and its basin, and in the Gulf of Mexico. The role of the Task Force is to provide executive level direction and support for coordinating the actions of participating organizations working on nutrient management within the Mississippi River/Gulf of Mexico Watershed. The Task Force has designated members of a Coordinating Committee, and solicits information from interested stakeholders.

The role of the Coordinating Committee is to facilitate communications and coordination of all sub-committees and working groups, and make recommendations to the Task Force for action. The group is responsible for ensuring that all actions complement each other and that communication flows effectively to all sub-committees and working groups.

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Federal Agency Members of the Task Force

State Agency Members of the Task Force 

Tribal Members of the Task Force

Federal Agency Members of the Coordinating Committee

State Agency Members of the Coordinating Committee 

Additional Entities Participating on the Coordinating Committee