MOVES and Related Models

Paper and Slides on Draft Nonroad Emission Inventory Model: Presented at 12th International Emission Inventory Conference, April 2003

See NONROAD Model for other information, and to learn about newer models.

The presentation slides are also available as a PowerPoint file: 2003 NONROAD Presentation (PPT)(52 pp, 446 K)

Abstract (from the attached paper):

The EPA is developing a mobile source emissions inventory model for nonroad equipment (NONROAD), which covers all equipment except locomotives, aircraft, and commercial marine vessels. The model will provide a tool for EPA, States, regional air pollution organizations, and local air pollution control agencies to use in estimating pollution from nonroad equipment for State Implementation Plans (SIPs), as required by the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments and other regulatory needs.

This paper briefly describes the most current draft of the NONROAD model and how it version differs from prior versions. Nationwide model outputs are presented and compared for HC, CO, NOx, PM, SOx (SO2), and fuel consumption, for diesel and for sparkignition engines. In some cases, such as PM and SOx, the revised model projections are substantially different from earlier draft versions of the NONROAD model.

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