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NONROAD Technical Reports

Although NONROAD is now incorporated into the MOtor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES) model, these technical reports still apply to its inputs and algorithms. The reports are listed by NONROAD version.

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NONROAD2008a Technical Reports

These reports were updated in either July 2010, December 2005 or April 2004 and supersede prior versions. They are updated for NONROAD2008a.

See Frequently Asked Questions About NONROAD2008 (PDF)  (5 pp, 190K, EPA420-F-09-021, April 2009) for additional information.


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Draft NONROAD2004 updates (April 2004) that supersede prior versions

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Technical Reports from Draft NONROAD2002a and earlier

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Prior Versions of Technical Reports

Prior Versions of Technical Reports (ZIP)(38 pp, 3 MB)

ZIP file includes the following:
  • RVP and Temperature Corrections, NR-001 (posted November 13, 1997) - available as .txt and .pdf
  • HC Conversion Factors: VOC/TOG/ROG/etc, NR-002 (PDF)
  • Exhaust Emission Effects of Fuel Sulfur and Oxygen on Gasoline Nonroad Engines, NR-003 (PDF)
  • Seasonal and Monthly Activity Allocation Fractions, NR-004 (PDF)
  • Average Life, Annual Activity, and Load Factor Values, NR-005a (PDF)
  • Nonroad Engine Population Estimates, NR-006a (PDF)
  • Calculation of Age Distributions -- Growth and Scrappage, NR-007 (PDF)
  • Nonroad Engine Growth Estimates, NR-008 (PDF)
  • Exhaust Emission Factors -- Compression-Ignition, NR-009a (PDF)
  • Exhaust Emission Factors -- Spark-Ignition, NR-010b (PDF)
  • Exhaust Emission Factors -- Spark-Ignition, NR-010a (revision posted June 19, 1998)
    NOTE: See later revision NR-010b above, posted May 3, 1999.
    Attachments: (not revised)
    • compare.xls
    • tech1.wk4
    • techmix.wk4
  • Emission Deterioration Factors For the NONROAD Emissions Model, NR-011 (PDF)
  • Basic Evaporative and Crankcase Emission Rates, NR-012 (PDF)
  • Refueling Emissions for Nonroad Engine Modeling, NR-013 (PDF)
  • Geographic Allocation of State Level Nonroad Engine Population Data to the County Level, NR-014 (PDF)
  • U.S. Maps of county-level indicators for nonroad equipment usage (GIF files):
    • employees in air transportation industry
    • dollar value of construction
    • acres of harvested cropland
    • number of public golf courses
    • number of single & double unit homes
    • number of employees in landscaping & horticultural services
    • number of employees in logging industry
    • number of employees in lumber & wood processing industry
    • number of employees in manufacturing
    • number of employees in metals mining
    • number of employees in coal mining
    • number of employees in oil & gas extraction industry
    • 1997 human population estimates
    • number of employees in RV parks & campsites
    • number of RV park & campsite establishments
    • water surface area
    • number of wholesale establishments
  • Weekday and Weekend Day Temporal Allocation of Activity In The NONROAD Model, NR-015 (PDF)

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